Frequently Asked Questions

Protect plastic and rubber parts from dehydration and dull color and keep their original gloss. Protect glass from scratches. Protect paint from bird residues and trees. Protect lights and mesh from fads and others. scratches caused by natural factors. Door scratches in the garage. Scratches from dust and sand. Sunshine and dull color.
Nano Ceramic does not mean that the car is sprayed in case the car needs it. Its main function is to protect the original paint of the car and the car is not considered a machine and does not affect the original bowel and its life span is 10 years.
SystemX products at Diamond Care are American-made products with the ISO certification in the highest quality standards that will affect the original car paint and even preserve it and make it look more beautiful than the original paint.
There is no definitive damage to the car paint and therefore it has nothing to do with the sale process, traffic, licenses or anything to reduce the car, but vice versa increases its market value due to the strong additions and permanent protection of the car paint.
It is very easy to remove the layers of ceramic nano through one of our certified centres without compromising the paint of the original car and the warranty provided by Diamond Care includes this but actually you do not need to remove it, but on the contrary you will seek to preserve it and its continuity on the body of the car due to the superior protection as well as the amicable damage to the car permanently.

SystemX products are US-made products from Aliment 119, one of the largest companies in the world in the development of nanotechnology ceramics and all its products are ISO certified in the application of the highest quality standards. Diamond Care has been in Egypt as an authorized agent and distributor since 2016.

For used cars with some scratches and lacklustre color from scanning, washing and minor frictions, Diamond Care's team applies the full stages of work and processes paint defects by 80% to 100% using high quality and efficient ores and thereafter.

The presumptive lifespan of nano-ceramic up to 10 years with annual follow-up and maintenance and warranty starts from two to 10 years.

Nano Ceramic is a liquid material that we put on all parts of Arabic after processing the paint, scratches, circles and paint defects and then leave it to dry and turn to a transparent ceramic layer to protect the car.