System X Interior

Internal protection:

System X Interior to protect the inner skin, vinyl, carpet and cloth in the car.
Sophisticated Interior coating to protect against spots on the surface.
Protect skin, vinyl, carpet and cloth from spots.
The water-repellent SystemX Interior relies on advanced nanotechnology to protect your interior roofs such as cloth seats, carpets, leather and vinyl where it cleans stains and spills easily and quickly.
When the liquids come into contact with the Xinterior SEM coating, the chemical treatment repels these fluids without permeating or staining the substance. In addition, for open-structure materials such as lavish carpets whose surface can be penetrated by liquids, this coating prevents any fiber penetration or permanent staining of materials.
While conventional cloth coating increases fabric coarseness, changes color or appearance, SEM coating keeps the cloth refreshed without compromising its natural composition or original appearance.
The SystemX Interior coating forms a strong link with fiber to prevent damage or removal during cleaning. This coating prevents liquids from penetrating fiber and expels them in the form of drops.
This paint has been specially made for car fibres, ships and aircraft, surpassing other home-based products.
The inner System X Interior coating is easy to use and dries quickly in just 24 hours. Odorless interior paint can be sprayed easily manually and dry in the air in only 15 minutes.
With this indoor paint made with water resistance technology, there is no need to worry about children or pets in the car.
The System X Interior coating can be used on furnishings, leather, vinyl, suede, furniture and textiles, and this coating is the perfect solution to protect furniture or upholstery.



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